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Russia Economy Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Russia Economy Analysis - Research Paper Example Russia was the country most affected during the 2008-2009 recession as the world bank assistance reduced and the oil prices plummeted globally. The World Bank has analyzed that the country’s financial aid was less than 7% of its GDP. But mid – 2009, the economy hit rock bottom, but by the third quarter economy got revitalized in small way. As the oil price grew, the country was able to lift its economy and could also balance the deficit it inherited from 2008-2009. With reduction in the inflation,the country also lowered it unemployment rates and surprised its counterparts to a great level. In 2012, Russia joined hands with World Trade Organization which helped the country in lifting trade barriers and find new ways to upgrade its export of commercial goods. History and background of the country The history of Russia can be related back to the rule of Soviet Union, when the country was experiencing numerous changes in cultural ,social and political arena. During this pe riod, the economy of Russia was under the control of Bolsheviks but Lenin thought that country’s attempt to switch to a market economy would help the country to recover from the loss attained during previous three years. The new economic policy helped the country to boost its economy and led to prosperity with much advanced infrastructure. Meanwhile , the country also revitalized itself by establishing a good political position as a soviet union government. In this period,Russia also developed its radical novel style of constructivism, futurism and supermatism. During this period the country was in turmoil, still there was optimism and positivity in the midst of challenges. It was during this... The history of Russia can be related back to the rule of Soviet Union, when the country was experiencing numerous changes in cultural ,social and political arena. During this period, the economy of Russia was under the control of Bolsheviks but Lenin thought that country’s attempt to switch to a market economy would help the country to recover from the loss attained during previous three years. The new economic policy helped the country to boost its economy and led to prosperity with much advanced infrastructure. Meanwhile , the country also revitalized itself by establishing a good political position as a soviet union government. In this period,Russia also developed its radical novel style of constructivism, futurism and supermatism. During this period the country was in turmoil, still there was optimism and positivity in the midst of challenges. It was during this period that Lenin’s death occurred and this aggravated struggle for power from the part of communist party. This phase was followed by the victory of Joseph Stalin and immediately he directed the country on a different direction. The Stalin’s rule brought new economic plan and it gave importance to agricultural sector and had plans to revive and upgrade the rural state run farms. Industrial development was the main motive of the government and production was directed on capital equipment rather than consumer products. Soviet realism emerged and the art and literature was kept under tight control.

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United Nations AIDS Conference Simulation Essay

United Nations AIDS Conference Simulation - Essay Example This simulation activity involved the United Nations General Assemblies. According to Starkey, Boyer, Wilkenfeld, & Starkey (2010), the General Assembly is the deliberative faction of the United Nations and is made up of the United Nations member states each with a vote. The United Nations AIDS Committee is responsible for proposing and negotiating global resolutions in the fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic (Starkey, Boyer, Wilkenfeld, & Starkey, 2010). Starkey, Boyer, Wilkenfeld, & Starkey further explain that these resolutions are then forwarded to the general assembly for a final vote (2010). Students were assigned different roles either as state delegates or non state delegates. The name of the committee was the United Nations General Assembly. The sponsor was the United Nations AIDS Committee who authored this resolution. Pre ambulatory phrases were used to state the issues that the Committee was to discuss and resolve. These statements stated the reasons for the Committee to resolve the issues. The issues discussed during the simulation included the reaffirmation of those resolutions that the United Nations General Assembly had developed in the previous assembly. The current and continual damage caused by the epidemic was identified. It was identified that there was need for the committee to restructure the techniques that were currently being used to combat the epidemic. The committee having realized the importance of nation states inputs on AIDS resolution efforts welcomed their ideas.

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HRM practice in small-medium enterprises (SMEs) Essay Example for Free

HRM practice in small-medium enterprises (SMEs) Essay Introduction The article analyzes the way of HRM practice in small-medium enterprises(SMEs) and the reason why it is important element for SMEs. Over the past years, small-medium enterprises play an increasingly significant role in European economy. It is mainly because European countries including UK have large amount of SMEs but with small scale of big enterprises. However, HRM, as an important part of a company, is utilized in tremendous different ways between large and SMEs firms. SMEs are reluctant to use HRM when considering high cost and time. This situation brings a lot of issues. Unfortunately, very few of the research for HRM in SMEs have been published till now(Domingo Ribeiro Soriano,et all,2011) .For example, according to the US academic journals from 1988 to 1998, more than 207 papers had been written about HR recruiting ,etc. However, just 7 of the articles mentioned about SMEs in Journal of Applied Psychology, Academic of Management Review and Personnel Psychology;. For these reasons,it is important to investigate the study of HRM in SMEs. Negative and positive arguments about HRM practice in SMEs Large amount of Debates about the efficiency of HRM in SMEs are illustrated in the earlier studies. Small business see few advantages of HRM when comparing to the large firms(Akroyd1995,adapted by Cassell.C et all,2002 ).Especially in the training ,Storey and Westhead described that the employees in the SMEs have few chances to get involved in structured training. (1997,adapted by Cassell.C et all, 2002) .After conducting several cases, Holiday also mentioned that training is not utilized well in SMEs(1995,adapted by Cassell.C et all, 2002). Cassell.C, et all(2002)did both interviews and telephone survey to a number of SMEs, and conclude that HRM practices especially selection and training process are transferring to other department in informal ways. They also found that 53% of SMEs that they investigated in recruited their employees via relatives or friend’s recommendation. It means HRM is not very formal in SMEs. In another word, HRM in SMEs are full of different issues. Bu t according to the following  study HRM indeed bring some benefit to companies. In1995 Leicestershire, and Storey (adapted by Cassell.C et all, 2002)did a study which comparing the difference between traditional HRM and new practices among the large and small companies. The result of 15 cases implied that although the initiative of every employee in large companies has more opportunities to be enabled, it is more sustainable process in small-medium firms. In my opinion, SMEs might be developing better when they employ formal HRM practices. For example, during the study of HRM of SMEs,Williamson, Cable, Aldrich, (2002,adapted by Patel, C. P, et all, 2010) found that that SMEs can be more competitive and legitimated with formal HRM activities since it helps firms attract more high quality employees. HRM can also create harmonious group culture, highlighting the relationship between employers and companies. (Cameron Quinn, 1999,adapted by PATEL, C.2010). Data analyze In order to explore whether it is beneficial for companies when they use formal HRM practices, I conclude the research which was done by PATEL, C. P et all(2010).They did a research to discover the relationship between HRM and company productivity. In this study, high group culture means that a strong team works and effective working environment, which is usually created by strong HRM.) That it surveyed 145 firms and 6 industries including different size of firms. The correlation can be described by the following charts.Chart1 suggests: under high group culture, companies increase the use of HRM when market competition increase; Product market competition (chart 1,adapted by PATEL,C.P,andS. CARDON,S.M ) HRM intensity (chart 2, adapted by PATEL, C. P,and S. CARDON,S.M ) Under high group culture, Chart2 indicated that HRM intensity can enhance the labor productivity To sum up, when the market is in the growing competition, HRM can boost the labor productivity. It also implied that the firms should keep the high group culture environment in order to keep the effectiveness of HRM. High group culture is from strong HRM practices. In my opinion from the data analyze, when HRM is utilized in SMEs in formal ways ,it might bring significant benefit to company. As Walsh and  Whites (1981) point out same idea as well. They suggest that same regulation of HRM should be utilized among those companies but small scale in SMEs. Author opinion As far as my consideration, HRM is a very important part for SMEs. The reason can be explained by following aspects. Firstly, Many SMEs firms in UK have informal HRM activities rather than totally absence (Culley et all, 1998, adapted by Cassell.C, et all, 2002).However, the way SMEs conduct these kind of practice reduce its’ actual benefit. For example, if recruiting and training procedure are not completed by the HR, other department need to expense time and cost to implement those processes. Consequently, it divides the cost of HR department into other team. In fact, it increases the cost of companies in long term prospective. Therefore, SMEs may increase benefit if they employ formal HRM practices from long prospective. Secondly,According to the charts (12), HRM has vital influence on labor productivity when fierce competition appears. On one hand, HRM is important element when company goes through high level of competitive market. SMEs must employ HRM if they want to survive in long term .On the other hand, strong group culture which is built by HR department can reinforce HRM to effect labor productivity (PATEL, C. P,and S. CARDON,S.M,2010).As a consequence , HRM should be develop in correct way so that the company can built adequate group culture, thereby enhance the labor productivity especially in competitive market. Thirdly, it is important to look at the economy situation in UK. UK holds a large amount of SMEs with small scale of large company. It suggests that economic contribution of SMEs play important role in the country. From general perspective, when well-establishing and formal HRM is employed by SMEs, it will have big effect on the GDP of UK. As Cassell.C, Nadin.S, Gray.M, Clegg.C concluded in their research in 2002, HRM indeed exist in small business and small multiples. Although the structure of both firms is informal, human resource management brought obvious effective effort to the firm. From this study, we can imply that SMEs will grow stronger if they utilize more formal HRM in long term. Consequently, high level of HRM practice improves the effectiveness of companies. Conclusion My study suggest that HRM practices play very important roles in SMEs not only because it can create group culture and enhance the effectiveness of the group development, but also can protect firms from fierce competition. Moreover, HRM can increase the benefit of companies in long terms. But there is also some problem of HRM practices. Due to a lack of experience and information, majority of SMEs have no energy to take formal HRM. Whether this situation can be solved still need further study in UK. It depends on the companies themselves. Although I argued that SMEs should emphasize HRM practices in long term development, a lot of SMEs pursue short-time benefit and they may not consider HRM benefit. The research about how do the companies increase the use of formal HRM but not reduce the short-term benefit is needed to be discovering in the future. Hence, the different situations decide whether small-medium companies employ formal HRM. Reference Cassell.C, Nadin.S, Gray.M,Clegg.C,(2002):Exploring human resource management practices in small and medium sized enterprises, Personnel Review,Vol.31 No.6,pp:671-692 Domingo Ribeiro Soriano*and Ma. à ngeles Montoro†Sà ¡nchez,(2011)â€Å"Introduction: Contributions of Human Resource Management to the Challenges faced by Small† and Medium†Sized Enterprises in the Global Environment†, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Vol.28: P119–121 PATEL, C. P,and S. CARDON,S.M,2010, â€Å"Adopting HRM Practices And Their Effectiveness In Small Firms Facing Product Market Competition†, Human Resource Management, March–April 2010, Vol. 49, No. 2, Pp. 265– 290

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The Last Yankee Summary :: essays research papers

The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller is about a woman named Patricia Hamilton who is about to be released from a mental institution. The story takes place around the 1960 the New England Area. The play contains four characters. Their names were Leroy Hamilton, Patricia Hamilton, Leroy Frick, and Karen Frick. Leroy Hamilton was a relative of Alexander Hamilton. Frick and Hamilton’s wives knew each other as they were friends in the institute. Frick is a rich, young business man. He works with oil companies and other things as well. Hamilton, was a member of an elite family and he was a carpenter. Hamilton described himself as a Yankee as did his wife. The behavior of a Yankee according to his wife was they could be abused and taxed as much as they want, they still would not do anything about it but complain and get even sadder. In the first act, Hamilton and Frick got into a heated discussion. Earlier they talked about how their wives got into the institute in the first place. Karen Frick, got into the hospital because she had a nervous breakdown in which she would alienate the outer world from herself. She locked herself at home and would not go out. Before, that occurred she was a real estate agent. Patricia was a home make and became a depressive. Patricia had been in the institute two times already in the fifteen years of her falling out. This was her third time and she was improving. Hamilton, got mad when Frick talked about labor as if it was a bad thing. Hamilton said nothing was wrong about being a carpenter and nobody was proud to be in labor it was just something people talked as if they were so low in the dirt. In the second act Karen and Patricia talk about their lives. Karen often trailed off into her own thing, while Patricia tried to talk about herself. Patricia talked on how she grew up in Sweden and how her family was full of beautiful people. Her brothers had died by committing suicide. Her mother’s beauty was everlasting until she died at 81 years old. Also, she talked about how she stopped taking her medication and then was gradually getting better. She had been off drugs for 21 days. So now she could be able to do much more. All that she wanted was to make her husband happy and how the church she like d and the preacher who would talk to her.

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Protestant Reformation: Review Activity

Objective: You are to practice creating essay outlines, the content of which will also assist you in reviewing for the quiz that will take place tomorrow.What you have to do:A. Review the example of a proper essay outline below and the example on the back. B. On separate sheets of paper create your own detailed outline in response to the essay question that follows (use your notes to assist you):1. Compare and contrast the motives, goals, and results of Martin Luther and Henry VIII in the movements that they led against the Roman Catholic Church. *Your outline should be at least two notebook pages in length.Essay Outline FormatI. Introduction A. Introductory sentence B. Thesis statement (can be 1 or more sentences)II. Body Paragraph #1 A. Topic sentence (an overarching introduction to the main point of this paragraph of evidence; it must relate or connect to the thesis) B. Identification of important details/evidenceIII. Body Paragraph #2 A. Topic sentence B. Identification of import ant details/evidenceIV. Body Paragraph #3 A. Topic sentence B. Identification of important details/evidenceV. Conclusion A. 1 or more sentences that summarize the main points of the essay. (It should not be a direct restatement of the thesis.)Essay Outline Example: Middle Ages v. RenaissanceEssay Question: Contrast the political, social, and religious structure of Medieval Europe and Renaissance Europe.I. IntroductionThesis: Medieval Europe differed greatly from Renaissance Europe in the areas of political structure, social norms, and religious influence.II. Political StructureA. Political Differences *Topic Sentence: The Medieval European style of feudalism contrasted greatly with the break from the same feudalistic system by the governing bodies of Renaissance Europe. 1. Medieval Europe was a feudal system.a.Kings. b. Nobles, c. Knights, d. Peasants (serfs) *Each group was dependent on the rest for survival. 2. Renaissance Europe broke away from the feudal system. a. Kings, b.Nobl es, c.Merchants/Middle Class, d. Peasaants *The bottom three groups had more opportunities for advancement.III. Social NormsA. Societal Differences *Topic Sentence: Another area in which Renaissance Europeans parted ways with Medieval Europeans was in social norms. 1.Medieval European life centered around the land and religion. a. Manorialismb. Little trade led to reduction in movement 2. Renaissance European life focused more on the worth and abilities of the individual to seek his or her own destiny. a. Increased trade created a middle class b. Reduced dependency on the landIV. Religious InfluenceA. Differing Roles of Religion *Topic sentence: In addition to political and societal differences, Medieval and Renaissance Europe also separated in their respective focus on religion. 1.Catholic life dominated Medieval Europe.a. Popes were often more powerful than secular rulers. b. Peasants could only find promise of a good life after death (heaven) 2.Renaissance Europe broke away from this focus on Catholicism to begin the inclusion of secular ideas. a. Growth of humanism b. Corruption of Church led to dislike of Church leadership. c. Attaining secular virtue through living a good life, rather than desiring to live a good life to attain spiritual virtue.V. Conclusion Renaissance Europe marked a departure from the norms of rigid political, social, and religious structures evident in Medieval Europe.

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The Country Of Mexico, Economy, Economic Growth, And...

Abstract My research paper will briefly describe the country of Mexico by giving an overview of the country, their history, system of government, and their economic system. I will be reviewing which stage of the economic business cycle (peak, depression, trough,or recession) the country of Mexico is in and what the main reasons why they are presently in this stage. I will then elaborate on one of the possible causes and how it has affects Mexico’s GDP (gross national product), pricing structure, job market, economic growth, and international balances. Lastly, I will give my suggestions about some possible solutions to how Mexico can correct the challenges that have occurred and are occurring within their economy. Keywords: Mexico,†¦show more content†¦In this essay, I will be going into how the U.S. economy trade has been helping Mexico get out of depression and make their way through this period of recovery. Country’s Overview and Brief History Mexico is almost three times the size of Texas. â€Å"Its capital is Mexico City, which is located in the central southern part of the country† (Encyclopedia of the Nations). Mexico’s population is filled with people of many different heritages, such as Indians, Caucasians, Hispanics, and Africans. Even though the Mexican population is so diverse their primary language is still Spanish. Mexico used to have very high death rates, but because of new medications and ways of sanitation slowly being introduced the death rate has lowered significantly. Some of the main industries in Mexico are mining, manufacturing, tourism, retail and financial services. Also found on the Encyclopedia of the Nations website are Mexico’s main exports and imports. The country’s main exports are manufactured goods, oil and oil products, silver, cotton, and coffee. Their main imports are machinery, electrical equipment, car parts for assembly, repair parts for motor vehicle s, and aircrafts and aircraft parts. Mexico’s economy depends a great deal on the money sent to them from family and friends who left Mexico to become migrant workers in the United States. Drug trafficking is also a big issue in Mexico. It is a business which brings

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Essay The Inn in the Fall - 980 Words

The Inn in the Fall As visitors approach one of the most beautiful inns in North Carolina they will be serenaded by the rhythmic thumping of the tires as they cross each cobblestone. The inn is like a massive wall of rocks that looks to be touching the blue sky. The red tile roof looks like a red cloud sitting atop this castle of rocks. These rocks were placed over one hundred years ago and still stand in their exact spot. From the parking area you can almost imagine the horse drawn wagons that had worked so hard to pull these massive boulders up to this very spot. You can see all the hard work that had went into clearing this mountain side for the inn to begin construction in the year 1912. If you listen very close you can just hear its†¦show more content†¦Laugh and smile at the simple pleasures that excites these little ones. Make your way down another short hallway until you get to the Great Hall it sure lives up to that name. It is one hundred and twenty feet long and e ighty feet wide this room is large enough for the Statue of Liberty to lay in it from her feet to her head, minus the torch. On each end of this room are fourteen foot fireplaces, large enough for adults to stand in and capable of burning twelve foot logs. The ceilings are twenty-four feet high. Two Christmas trees will be decked to the max every ornament will have been placed with care, clear lights will glisten each one and there will be a perfect bow atop to finish each one off. Sit for a while in the rocking chairs that are over-flowing in this room and just listen to the all the comments being made around about this magnificent inn. Christmas wreaths will be throughout the hall, even the old Model-T car that sits in the corner of the main entrance will be embellished with a wreath on the front grill and its own bright red bows. The chandeliers all have Christmas green holly and bright red bows to garnish each one. They go to great pains to make sure every detail is perfect and it shows. The Sunset Terrace is another spot not to miss, even though it was probably given this name due to the fact the inn is built on the hillside of Sunset Mountain, you can picture howShow MoreRelatedChanges That Affect the Economic Environment in Business1045 Words   |  5 PagesUnemployment International trade The business that that I will be looking at is Whitbread who own Premier Inn and Costa coffee. I will be explaining within this task how the above may affect Whitbread and its two companies Costa and Premier inn whether it is for the better or worse. Business cycle When looking at a graph of a business cycle we can expect to see increases and falls in production, income and expenditure of a company over time. The economy of the U.K, moves from boom to recessionRead MoreBed Breakfast Feasibility Study1545 Words   |  7 PagesBed Breakfast Feasibility Study Business Industry: The business industry I have chosen according to the 2012 NAICS Definition falls under; Accommodation and Food Services- Sector 72 †¢ The Accommodation and Food Services sector comprises establishments providing customers with lodging and/or preparing meals, snacks, and beverages for immediate consumption. The sector includes both accommodation and food services establishments because the two activities are often combined at the same establishmentRead MoreThis Holiday Season Broadway Welcomes Roundabout Theater Company s Production Of Holiday Inn Essay1282 Words   |  6 PagesThis Holiday season Broadway welcomes Roundabout Theater Company’s production of Holiday Inn. This new Irving Berlin musical will be playing at Studio 54 through January 1st. Before heading to Broadway in Fall of 2016, this show had an out-of-town successful trial at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam Connecticut in the Fall of 2014 as well as a residency at The Muny in St. Louis for Fall of 2015. This production is produced by Roundabout Theater Company. RTC is the nation’s largest theaterRead MoreNiagara River Meets Lake Ontario1514 Words   |  7 Pagesappeals to visitors throughout the year, but if you enjoy cultural events and wine, your best bet is September and October. You ll delight in the fall foliage, winery harvests and tastings, as well as the end of the theater season. Weather is pleasant, ranging from the low 70s to mid-40s. Cooler temperatures bring down hotel prices as well. As the fall goes on, discounts grow. However, if you plan to visit on the weekend or during the summer during this spectacular time, it’s important to note thatRead MoreLook for Me by Moonlight788 Words   |  4 Pagesoccurred when Vincent first started staying at the Inn. The mysterious man made we want to find out what will happen next. 3. The mood of this book is suspense and mystery. The author creates this mood by starting the book out with a young girl Cynda staying with her father for the winter in a haunted Inn. This mood is kept throughout the story with the mysterious man who starts to stay in the Inn who turns out to be the ghost that haunts the Inn. 4. From the evidence in the story the authorRead MoreAmber Inn Suites Case Study1324 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study #4: Amber Inn amp; Suites Work Environment Amber Inn amp; Suites, Inc., formed in 1979, operates 200 Amber Inn properties and 50 Amber Inn amp; Suites properties located in 10 states throughout the Rocky Mountain and western states. On Average, each location has approximately 120 individual guest and suite-style rooms. Under a new president and CEO, the goal is for Amber Inn amp; Suites to reach profitability within two years after five consecutive years of unprofitability. ThisRead MoreAmber Inn Suites Case Study1305 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Case Study #4: Amber Inn Suites Work Environment Amber Inn Suites, Inc., formed in 1979, operates 200 Amber Inn properties and 50 Amber Inn Suites properties located in 10 states throughout the Rocky Mountain and western states. On Average, each location has approximately 120 individual guest and suite-style rooms. Under a new president and CEO, the goal is for Amber Inn Suites to reach profitability within two years after five consecutiveRead MoreIntercontinental Hotel Groups ( Ihg ) Is One Of The World s Most Popular And Leading Groups Of Hotel1099 Words   |  5 Pagesrecognized chain with their brands include Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Resort, Stay bridge Suites, Candlewood Suites. This shows that they have a clear brand image. They also target variety of travellers from various countries and Holiday Inn hotel in China is one of the popular Hotels due to the growing economic conditions and the development of infrastructure in the countryRead More Comparing Fall of the House of Usher, Young Goodman Brown, and Rip Van Winkle1420 Words   |  6 PagesComparing Fall of the House of Usher, Young Goodman Brown, and Rip Van Winkle In the early eighteen hundreds, literature in the Americas started a revolution of style in upcoming authors. Authors started to look towards nature for symbolism and society as a source of sin. The underlined meaning in most of these stories was meant to leave the reader with a new perspective of their personal lives and society as a whole. Three stories that use this particular technique are Nathaniel Hawthornes YoungRead MoreInn Case Study Analysis : Boston Pine Street Inn1134 Words   |  5 Pages Breeana Velasquez MBA 622 Fall- Evening Professor Katie Ruger December 11, 2017 Boston Pine Street Inn Case Study Analysis Boston Pine Street Inn Case Study Analysis Problem Statement: Wanting to keep the organizations mission in mind, Lyndia Downie wanted to balance the service of both the chronically and short term homeless. Even with public funding for shelter services declining, she didnt want to turn anyway anyone in need of help. Hypothesis 1: It might be that